TEK Precision Co Ltd was established in 1968 as a precision grinding company. During the followings years, the company began to expand its infrastructure capabilities and quality management system to support the growing needs of the northeast regional OEM Aerospace market. By the early 1980’s TEK had evolved into a major hydraulic assembly supplier to Grumman Aerospace, delivering complex hydraulic actuation assemblies for F-14, A6 and E2-C weapons systems. By 1982, TEK had expanded its capabilities once again and entered into the rotorcraft market manufacturing hydraulic valves and small assemblies for Sikorsky Aircraft. By the mid 1990’s the business focus shifted primarily to the production and after market manufacturing of flight control and transmission components for rotorcraft platforms. Today, TEK Precision is a premier supplier of world class build-to-order products for Sikorsky Aircraft, US Army, HSI, and Northrop Grumman.


To continuously seek out opportunities in the rotorcraft and fixed wing market that is consistent with our core competencies, infrastructure capabilities and expertise in supply management.

Market position

We continue to maintain a substantial market share of UH60, SH60 and. CH-53 platform business for both OEM production and Military after market needs.


We continue to strategically align our capabilities to the needs of world wide rotorcraft business, with an emphasis on life limited components in the flight control, rotary wing head and transmission area. We anticipate a continued annual growth rate of 10%-15% over the next 3-5 years.

Mission Statement

To deliver safe, durable and effective products of the highest quality and integrity, consistent with our customers requirements and expectations for intended use. This is accomplished through a conscientious dedication beginning with order entry through delivery of product, with an ongoing emphasis towards relentless continuous improvement across the entire supply chain. Our constancy of purpose and quality focused culture is disseminated through a collective management team effort which resonates throughout our entire supply chain network.


Our business values and corporate conscientious is based on honesty, integrity and respect for each other. This is the basis from which our culture is developed, nurtured and adjusted to insure we create and maintain the proper climate for our employees and supply chain to succeed along our path of continued growth and prosperity.