When it comes to quality, very few organizations can support their quality claims. In fact, in the build-to-order aerospace market, Tek Precision is among a very select group of premier supplier's that have been recognized by OEM's as World Class Supplier's of quality products and services. This reputation was not earned through rhetoric or marketing efforts, but rather through a relentless and continuous pursuit of process quality improvements that are integrated throughout the entire business process. This process integration begins with the President and Vice President and flowed down through every segment of the entire value stream.

Quality Organization Tree


• Northrop Grumman four time Platinum Award recipient
• Sikorsky Aircraft S2000 Advanced Quality Award
• Sikorsky Aircraft Supplier Gold

Quality System Approvals

• AS9100D Certified by SAI Global
• Sikorsky ASQR certified
• Northrop Grumman Platinum certified

Special Process approvals

• Nital Etch inspection for Sikorsky Aircraft & US Government
• Adhesive Bonding (All classes) for Sikorsky A/C & US Government
• Hardness Testing for Sikorsky Aircraft & US Government
• Stress Relieving for Sikorsky Aircraft
• Tensile Testing for Sikorsky Aircraft Adhesive Bonding approval
• Conductivity Inspection for Sikorsky Aircraft & Northrop Grumman

Measuring and Test Capability

• Complete inventory of SUNNEN analog dial bore gages & air gage system
• Complete line of Johnson thread gage measuring equipment from .250 thru 5.00 range for internal and external threads. This thread gaging system satisfies thread variable gaging requirements of Mil-S-8879, Mil-S-7742, ANSI B1 Series & FED-STD-H28
• Complete Hardness testing capability
• Brown and Sharpe CMM
• Electrical Conductivity meter
• Various thermal measuring devices with wide range of Thermocouples
• 5000 psi Hydraulic Test Stand equipped with Mil-PRF-83282 Fluid
• A comprehensive inventory of various OD micrometers, intra-micrometers, groove gaging, depth gages, height masters, dial indicators & vernier calipers
• Laboratory grade Mitutoyo Surftest with printout
• Aluminum conductivity meter
• Laboratory grade gage blocks
• Optical comparators with lead angle measuring capability